Camila Cabello Reveals New Song Titles: “Scar Tissue” & “The Boy” Written By Charli XCX & Ed Sheeran!

Camila Cabello sat down for a meeting with Zane Lowe today for his Beats 1 appear. Amid the 30 minute discussion, Camila discussed leaving Fifth Harmony, her trip to date as a soloist, and her up and coming first collection “The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving”. Zane Lowe is such an incredible questioner, continually getting the “delicious” features from the artists,and this meeting with Camila Cabello was no special case.

“Leaving the group isn’t the protected alternative. Safe thing would’ve been to continue singing the melodies and doing the choreography”, she said when asked in regards to whether it was correct or wrong to leave Fifth Harmony so unexpectedly.

Furthermore, about her up and coming collection, Camila gave Zane two exclusives. She uncovered two new tracks titles: “Scar Tissue” and “The Boy”.

“Scar Tissue” she co-composed with Charli XCX and “The Boy” was a song Ed Sheeran sent her. Camila just re-composed a couple of verses.

Inquisitive thing, however: In a current meeting in a radio station Camila Cabello said “The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving” WON’T be a collection about “The Boys”… yet she will have a song called “The Boy” on it. Well, perhaps this song will have a bend? It better be that. I know Camila is no liar…

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