Katy Perry Gets Serious In New “Witness” Album Teaser

Pop star Katy Perry released another special video in support of her forthcoming studio collection “Witness” (June ninth) on Twitter today. Why today out of all days to release this “trailer for the new collection”, however? Since today the general deal for her “Witness” world visit starts. Ahh, astute young lady!

Why so serious Katy? The promo video sees Katy taking a seat wearing a dusty rose pullover and speaking directly to us about how she’s Katheryn Hudson additionally Katy Perry, how she’s wrong constantly, how she can be silly infrequently, and how she’s something beyond a certain something. Another “Witness” (Song) preview will play toward the end.

The tweet above was very quickly taken after by this tweet beneath where Katy reminds her fans about the new visit’s tickets general deal starting, likewise adding a connection to her official site so fans can make their buy all the more effortlessly. Tickets go marked down at 10am today nearby time. Will you attend this tour?


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