Lana Del Rey Debuts New Song “Cherry” LIVE Video

Lana del Rey debuted a new song from her upcoming album “Lust for Life” on Saturday at the 2017 KROQ Weenie Roast y Fiesta at the StubHub Center in Los Angeles. This was the 25th version of the yearly radio station celebration (and obviously Lanita must be welcomed. That is to say, how might you commend any commemoration without having her, right?).

The new song she debuted was “Cherry”, a hauntingly wonderful ditty that lone Lana’s vocals can make work in 2017. “I fall to pieces when I’m with you”, sings Lana on the melody. Who was the fortunate person who roused this I ponder?

Lana’s new collection is set to be released on July 21.

Watch recordings of Lana’s “Cherry” performance  at the 2017 KROQ Weenie Roast y Fiesta from various points underneath.

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